What can I store on this site?

You can save any type of text.

I have lost the edit code, how can I recover it?

For website security, if you do not have the EditCode we cannot verify if you are the owner of that paste.

What data does it store?

delaBin does not store any kind of user data, such as ip, fingerprint, etc...

How can I delete a paste I have created?

We are sorry but this feature is temporarily disabled.

How long will my pastes be online?

If you comply with the site rules you should not worry about this. We still reserve the right to remove content that we feel is inappropriate.

How do I share my paste?

To share a paste, simply copy the url of the paste, you can also copy it with or without a password.

Who can see my pastes?

Only users who have access to the link.

What is the maximum paste size?

The maximum paste size is defined as 64Kilobytes, sufficient for any type of text.